Okinawa Izakaya—Where Ginoza Eats—Tenpusu Charcoal Grill

Okinawa Izakaya—Where Ginoza Eats—Tenpusu Charcoal Grill



Ryūkyū limestone lays the groundwork for the approach to our establishment, colored by the scent of sea spray and the sound of waves. We used wood from local old homes to create the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant, where we serve cuisine marked by our passion for consuming local products.

沖縄の居酒屋 宜野座村 炭焼家てんぷす


Tenpusu Charcoal Grill

When Tenpusu Charcoal Grill first opened we also special-ordered foodstuffs from the Japanese mainland, but today more than half of the ingredients we use are locally produced.

In 2010, Ginoza Village declared itself to be an "Organic Village" that would promote agriculture using a minimum of agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers. It is a source of abundant delicious foodstuffs.

There are farmers here who are passionate about not using agricultural chemicals, fishers who have been taught about the bounties of freshness from the sea, and pig farmers who cultivate locally branded pork easily on par with anything from the mainland. Thanks to all the growers and the local community, we learned that there are so many wonderful foodstuffs right nearby.The foods that were cultivated and picked thanks to such varied passions result in delicious ingredients filled with soul.Come just once to see just how delicious passion can be.

"Okinawan Food Shop"—Establishment in Okinawa Prefecture Promoting the Consumption of Local Products

We were certified as an "Okinawan Food Shop" by Okinawa Prefecture on August 11, 2009. The program's aim is to promote the consumption of local products by introducing both residents and tourists to restaurants where they can enjoy cuisine made using local foodstuffs. Certifications have been granted to 37 establishments in 16 municipalities in the prefecture.


Tenpusu Charcoal Grill is a completely nonsmoking establishment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Freee Wi-Fi

Payment Methods Accepted

For payment of our shop, we accept cash payment or various credit cards.

炭焼家てんぷす クレジットカードがご利用頂けます


NAME Tenpusu Charcoal Grill
ADDRESS 2F, 663-49 Ginoza, Ginoza Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture
ACCESS 10 min. by car from Ginoza Interchange, Okinawa Expressway
Business Hours Dinner 18:00 to midnight (food last orders: 23:00, drink last orders: 23:30)
Closed Tuesday
Total Seating 37
Parking 10 spaces, free of charge
With children Child seats available